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Our bread, sauces and desserts, as well as most of our dishes, are homemade with natural ingredients. We only use extra virgin olive oil in our  kitchen

Sweet rations

Our desserts are homemade.

Instead of portions, the cakes can be whole on request.

 Also for take-away

Vegan chocolate 

cake portion                 4,50€

Vegan sweet potato 

cake portion                 4,50€


Brownie portion          4,50€

Fruits with chocolate      3,50€

Lactose free

vegan custard               3,50€

Roscote portion             3,50€

Toast with jam               3,00€

On request

Chocolate cake                 28,00€

Sweet potato cake               25,00€

Roscote                            22,00€

Zucchini Brownie             28,00€


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