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Our bread, sauces and desserts, as well as most of our dishes, are homemade with natural ingredients. We only use extra virgin olive oil in our kitchen 

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"Cerveza Santa Mónica" bronze medal in the competition Mundial World Beer wards

Our Beverages

we recommend to you:

Kombucha, craft beer. ecological cider and if  you like wine... 

Bottle of wine "Ribera del Duero": 22€

Bottle of wine "Rueda superior":    18€

Craft beer 1/3                 4,00€

Seasonal craft beer          4,50€

Beer 1/3 /00                 3,00€

Ecological cider 1/3          3,00€

Ecological cider (1L)        9,00€

Vermouth                          3,00€

Glass of wine                     3,00€

Tinto de verano                  3,00€

Special Telos sangria (1L.)   9,00€

Natural  Lemonade (1L.)     8,00€

Alcoholic Beverages                6,00€

Fresh orange juice               3,00€

Green Cola                              2,50€

​"Malferida"" Fizzy Drink      3,00€

Soda of lemon 

or orange                                  3,00€

​"Fritz" Fizzy Drink                 3,00€

Kombucha                                   4,00€

Mineral water bottle

(Plain or sparkly)                       2,00€

Hot Beverages

We use naturally cultivated, homegrown plants.

Hot chocolate                  3,00€

Soluble cacao                  2,50€

Coffee                            2,00€

Coffee with  

(plant-based) milk        2,00€

Teas                          2,50€

White, red, green, black and rooibos                

Chai latte tea          3,75€

With (plant-based) milk

Herbal Infusions:      2,50€


Chamomile and anis.       

Natural Antibiotic

Echinacea, thyme, oregano.


Chamomile, calendula, boldo.


Dandelion, nettle, elderflowers.


Raspberry, passionflawer, mint.


Lemon balm, lemon verbena, Californian poppy.                    


Green tea whit peppermint and stevia

Triple minted.                    

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